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Our Team

A growing team of product, technology and financial services professionals.

Raza Merchant


Raza, a native of Houston and seasoned entrepreneur, stands at the helm of Spade as its Founder and President.

His credentials not only include an extensive background in law but also a proven track record of steering businesses to new heights.

With Raza’s unique blend of legal expertise and multi-industry savvy, Spade continues to set benchmarks in capital investment and beyond.


Madiha Merchant

Vice President

Madiha is a linchpin in shaping Spade’s strategic vision, overseeing risk management, and scrutinizing acquisition opportunities.

With a specialized background in real estate accounting and an affinity for numerical analysis.

Sshe takes the helm in underwriting and the continuous evaluation of assets.



Emily Stricklin

Marketing Associate

Emily serves as the Marketing Associate at Spade.

Where she masterfully navigates the world of social media, crafts compelling marketing materials, and orchestrates strategic plans.

Hailing from Florence, Alabama, Emily is a skilled Communications Specialist whose talents contribute to Spade’s brand visibility and success.



Syed Hussain

Investor Relations

Syed serves as Spade’s Investor Relations Associate, renowned for his exceptional commitment to customer service and client success.

Leveraging a robust background in sales and marketing, he plays a pivotal role in forging meaningful connections between the company and its investors.




Murtaza Rabbani

Investor Relations

Murtaza excels as an Investor Relations Associate at Spade, enriching the team with over 15 years of sales experience.

Recognized for his meticulous attention to detail and adept negotiation skills, Murtaza demonstrates an unwavering commitment to fostering strong relationships between the company and its investors.




Ismail Muhammad

Computer Systems Analyst

Ismail is Spade’s go-to Computer Systems Analyst, responsible for steering the company’s IT infrastructure while fine-tuning the software delivery pipeline.

His work is pivotal in ensuring seamless operations and technological efficiency across the board.




Jennifer Siegel

Legal Counsel

Jennifer Siegel, our esteemed Legal Associate at Spade, brings her robust legal acumen to the team. Well-versed in contract law and regulatory compliance, Jennifer serves as a cornerstone in navigating the complex legal landscape that comes with investment and financial services.

Her meticulous approach ensures that Spade operates within the bounds of the law while optimizing opportunities for growth and success.

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